Riverwalk (Kynidaros – Eggares)

This tour offers an interesting and original acquaintance with the natural beauty of the island. It starts from Naxos town and visitors are transferred by bus or taxi to the village Kinidaros in the center of the island. There visitors have a guided tour in the village and they also visit an old olive press . The vegetation is lush and the scenery breathtaking . While browsing they visit a small waterfall, the Byzantine church of Agios Artemios , the ruined monastery of St. Demetrios , and the remains of several watermills along the path. Small animals such as crabs , turtles and butterflies accompany walkers . The route is 11 km long and the walk takes 6 hours till the village of Eggares . At the village the walkers enjoy relaxation together with local delicacies , local wine and Greek coffee. The tour ends by bus or taxi transfer to town.

The walking tour in on request basis

It includes trasportation and escort